Chart of Cherry Frutber Varieties


It is a variety of self-sterile cherry of German origin. Its harvest period is between week 52 and 2. It has low productivity and coarse size the fruit is of good flavor and very good resistance to cracking. Its pulp is juicy, aromatic, sweet and firm.


Obtained in 1983, it is a variety of Canadian cherry of the "picota" type. Its harvest period is between week 50 and 52. Armored, pink flesh, medium sweetness and firm. 


Its  origin is in the United States, being the most traditional and representative cherry of America. Its harvest period is between week 50 and 52. Round, pulp dark red, sweet, firm and crunchy. 


Variety of cherry originating from the Czech Republic and very popular in Germany. Harvest period between week 52 and week 2, it has an armored form. Firm and sweet pulp.

Sweet Heart

Obtained in Canada is a self-fertile variety. Harvest period between week 50 and 52 of round shape and red pulp.

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